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How important is expertise in heart screening in sport?

Expertise is extremely important and essential for an accurate screening programme.

Dr. Kenny is both an expert in sports cardiology, with many years’ experience in assessing athletes, and a specialist in echocardiography, the principle scanning technique used for cardiac screening. Dr. Kenny personally reports all HeartScan’s screening tests.*

Athlete's heart:

It is important to be aware that people who exercise a lot develop changes within the heart and enlargement of the heart due to regular training. This normal response to regular training is called athlete's heart.

Athlete's heart can produce changes on the ECG and Echo and these findings can, at times, overlap with the findings seen in people with cardiomyopathy.

In these situations detailed assessment of the heart muscle function using advanced Echo techniques is required to facilitate differentiation of athlete's heart from those changes which indicate a pathological condition.

Expertise is therefore vital to help avoid the serious consequences of mislabelling a normal person as having an abnormal heart condition or of missing an underlying serious heart condition in someone with a true abnormality.

*In exceptional circumstances (such as Dr Kenny's illness or injury) the results might be reviewed and/or reported by another suitably qualified member of the HeartScan team.

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